How To Fix Your Golf Slice: #1 Reason Why You Slice

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Every golfer that has played the game has experienced the pain and frustration of a golf slice. Over 10,000,000 results online for the combined search terms ‘fix golf slice’, and ‘how to fix golf slice’ highlights the enormous number of golfers searching for the answer. The slice has been robbing golfers of distance, accuracy and most importantly their confidence on the golf course for hundreds of years. Golf slices are weak golf shots that usually end up in trees, bunkers, hazards and even out of bounds. It’s no wonder it’s the number one golf swing problem worldwide.

I’m giving you the solution to fixing your golf slice for good. No band-aid fixes, just a proven 4 step process that eliminates your golf slice.

No more aiming down the left side of the fairway or even the next fairway over, just to try and keep the ball in play. 

You’ll have the skills and confidence to play a round of golf knowing you can hit all your targets and finally break your scoring barriers.

Make sure you check out the Reverse Slice Sequence system, that goes into more depth about the golf slice and provides specific practice sessions and training routines specifically targeted to cure your golf slice faster.

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Why you slice the golf ball

Before you learn how to fix your golf slice, you first need to understand why you are slicing the golf ball in the first place. If you can find the root cause of the problem, it makes it easier to fix and provide a solution. It’s important when you begin working on fixing your slice, you identify the key reason why you slice in the first place. Often golfers try to fix what they believe is the reason for their golf slice when it’s an entirely different thing. The root cause of most golfers’ slices is a weak golf grip, that causes the clubface is to open excessively throughout the golf swing.

When the clubface is open from the start of the golf swing, it’s almost impossible to prevent a golf slice without any sort of compensation.

This clubface position produces sidespin when contacted with the golf ball that causes the big left right ball flight.

Don’t neglect this part of your golf improvement training. You’ll improve your chances of eliminating your slice.

Get the clubface square from the start, and you’ll find it easy to cure your golf slice and hit the golf ball longer and straighter. 


I mentioned in the opening summary the damage the golf slice does to your golf game. It’s not just the position on the golf course the slice puts you into that’s bad. It’s the psychological damage it does to your mental golf game and the impact it has on your ability to get better. Golfers that suffer from a golf slice are often more frustrated and anxious on golf course at their inability to control the flight of the golf ball.

Golf slices don’t travel as far as shots that are hit straight or with a slight draw. This is because slices are slightly under and across the ball which shoots the golf ball higher and creates less overspin.

Bad slices end up travelling sideways to the right at the tail end of your ball flight pushing the golf ball further into trouble.  

Draws shots for example, are typically hit more in the centre of the golf ball and produce right to left overspin and run further along the ground.

Whichever way you look at it, a golf slice is a golfers’ worst enemy and important for you to get rid of as soon as possible.  


Having an open clubface is almost certainly the result of a weak golf grip, unless you’re doing some sort of forearm or wrist manipulation during the golf swing. The image above shows a weak golf grip, and the position of the fingers to avoid. Also, the handle is sitting in the palm of the left hand instead of in the fingers. A weak golf grip is almost always the first area to investigate for root causes of why you slice the golf ball.

The left hand knuckles are invisible looking down at the hands, and the right hand is showing too many knuckles.

Holding a golf club in this position guarantees the clubface will turn to the right and open immediately at the start of the golf swing.

Fixing a weak golf grip and changing it to a neutral or strong golf grip (below) is the first step to eliminating your golf slice.


Like most things in golf, to fix a weak golf grip you need to do the opposite and hold the golf club in a neutral or stronger golf grip. A stronger golf grip is a great place to start if you’re looking for reasons why you slice the golf ball. See picture below.

Place the handle in the fingers of the left hand. You should be able to see the 2 knuckles of your left hand as you look down at your hands.

Bring your right hand onto the grip, and after you have interlocked or overlapped with your left hand, you should only be able to see one knuckle at the most on your right hand.

With a grip like this you should be able to commence the takeaway and keep the clubface pointing on an angle towards the ground instead of towards the sky.

Take this first step to slice-free golf for years to come. 


If you’ve had a bad golf slice for years, there’s a good chance you’re setting up to the golf ball in an open position which encourages the left to right ball flight. An open set up is when your feet, hips, shoulders and arms are all lined up to the left of the target when addressing the golf ball. This golf set up position encourages you to swing the golf club across the ball producing left to right sidespin and a golf slice.

Practice using alignment sticks or golf clubs and place one across the toes of your feet and one across the line of the golf ball towards the target.

Your feet, hips, shoulders and arms should be parallel to the target which is in line with the second alignment stick.

Put the clubface down first aiming at the target and then adjust the rest of your body accordingly. This ensures you’ll line everything up square.  

Practice a square golf set up at home or at the golf driving range until it feels comfortable and made a habit.


The golf swing takeaway can adversely affect your swing if done incorrectly, especially for slicers of the golf ball. If you’ve set up open to the golf ball and have a weak grip, it’s likely the clubface will be open during the takeaway and point towards the sky. Don’t skip this section until you have nailed the perfect golf swing takeaway.

Assuming a good grip and set up as per above, a good position in the takeaway would have the clubface pointing either horizontally or more towards the ground. (see image below)

This helps the clubface remain square through the whole swing, ensuring little manipulation is required from the hands to return to the club to impact.

Nail this takeaway position and your chances of fixing your golf slice improve dramatically. 


A common position for those of you that have trouble fixing your golf slice, is too much cupping in the lead wrist at the top of the golf backswing. Cupping in the lead wrist at the top of the backswing is when the wrist is turned excessively to the left. Once again, this has a direct correlation to a weak grip which opens the clubface during the takeaway and forcing the lead wrist into a cupping position at the top.

When the lead wrist is cupped at the top the shaft is usually pointing well to the right of the target and the face is pointing to the ground. 

To help eliminate your golf slice, get the left wrist as flat as possible at the top of the backswing. Too much cupping or even bowing can cause other issues in your swing.

A flat left wrist position at the top of the backswing makes it easier to shallow the golf club in the downswing and square the clubface at impact.

This position goes a long way towards getting rid of your golf slice.


A common reason you may slice the golf ball is because of an over the top or steep golf downswing. This position usually sees the arms starting the downswing, forcing the club across the line and entering the impact zone with the shaft too upright. The clubhead cuts across the golf ball creating left to right side-spin.

It’s very difficult to hit the golf ball straight when you start the golf downswing in this position.

Ideally, you want the lower body to initiate the downswing from the ground up, allowing you to shallow the golf club so it splits your right forearm in the downswing.

Again, a weak grip and open clubface has a direct correlation to the over the top golf swing and should be fixed first.

Most golfers that have trouble fixing their golf slice come over the top as a subconscious movement to allow for the open clubface and to not hit the golf ball way right.

Why over the top is not the real reason you slice

You probably come over the top in the downswing which contributes to your golf slice. The real reason you come over the top is because your clubface is open, and you subconsciously go into survival mode and swing down and across the line of the ball to try and start the golf ball left and curve it back to the right towards your target. No question, the over the top golf position is a direct result of an open clubface and the body’s way of compensating to try and hit the golf ball straight.

Your brain knows that if you swing down on the correct plane inside to out the golf ball will start right and go further right.

Our bodies are very good at instinctively reacting to certain movements and the over the top one is a classic example of compensating for an open clubface and an attempt to save the shot.

Instead of fixing your over the top golf swing, fix the root cause of your golf slice, the open clubface, and you’ll increase your chances of curing your golf slice.



These keys all help in curing your golf slice, and help you hit the golf ball longer and straighter. Before you look at your takeaway, backswing or downswing, spend the right amount time ensuring your grip is strong enough and you’re set up square to the target. The biggest factor in why you slice the golf ball is an “open clubface” and this almost always is the result of a weak golf grip that inhibits your ability to square the clubface.

Most golf instruction online talks about the over the top golf swing as the key move that golfers do that produces their golf slice.

Whilst it certainly is the incorrect move that slices are making, their weak golf grip and open stance is what’s causing the clubface to stay open and triggers a multitude of bad positions in the golf swing.

Fix the open clubface and you fix your golf slice.


Slice free golf into the future

I’ve covered what I believe to be the most in depth golf instruction on how to fix your golf slice.

If you apply the core methods listed above, you will not only cure your golf slice, but hit the golf ball with a baby draw and gain significant distance and accuracy.

Be sure to check out the Reverse Slice Sequence system which goes into more depth and provides specific drills and training exercises to help you fix your slice faster.

It’s the number one golf training resource online on the golf slice.

Enjoy the feeling of hitting longer and straighter golf shots and rid yourself the pain and frustration of a big banana slice.  


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