The Top 5 Golf Gifts to Never Buy That Save You From Embarrassment

Golf Gifts

Golf gifts you should never buy

You probably think the saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’ works when it comes to buying golf gifts. You’re dead wrong! Not all golf gifts are created equal and receiving a bad one can not only be frustrating but can be insulting as well. Imagine you play with Titleist Pro V1x balls which is what most of the touring professionals use. Then all of a sudden for Christmas you receive one dozen cheap extra distance golf balls purchased from K-Mart.

How would this make you feel … not too good?

These balls will go straight into a box in the garage never to be seen again for years.

It’s the equivalent of driving a Ferrari and then all of a sudden you have to drive a 1985 Ford Falcon!

Golfers are very brand orientated and most will stick to the same one throughout most of their golfing life.

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What you need to do before you buy

The key is to do some research and find out what the golfer likes. It’s too risky to go out and buy any golf product and expect them to like it just because of ‘it’s the thought that counts’.

Once you get to know a golfers likes and dislikes it’s not that difficult to buy a memorable golf gift that they will love and be grateful for.

A great golf gift not listed below is to purchase some golf instruction online such as the Stress-Free Golf Swing.

It's perfect for all golfers regardless of their ability, age or even if they don't have much time to practice.

Golf Putter

Putters are a very personal choice for golfers. Many golfers go through a dozen during their lifetime until they feel comfortable with one.

Each putter has a different feel, a different weight and a different look.

Don’t make the mistake and think you can buy a brand new putter straight off the shelf that will instantly impress your golf lover.

99.9% of the time you will get it dead wrong!

If you want to know the top golf gifts to never buy someone you've come to the right place. Learn what golf gifts to not buy and instead buy a memorable gift for your loved one.

Golf Driver

Similar to the putter the driver is a very personal choice. I would say even more so, because the cost of a good quality driver can be upwards of $600. There’s nothing quite like picking out your own brand new driver. It’s the equivalent of buying a new car. It’s a status symbol for golfers on the golf course and something that you measure yourself against other players.

You may not as good as the guy you’re playing with, but at least you can show them up with a state of the art golf driver.

Don’t make the mistake of buying your loved one a golf driver.

They’ll never forgive you if you get it wrong!

Golf Bag

A golf bag is another golf gift that could blow up in your face. The golf bag is the most visible part of a golfer’s equipment. If you buy a bag that’s not stylish and the wrong colour it will not appeal.

I’ve seen golfers who buy a colour of a bag that matches their driver, towel or even some of their golf shirts.

Brand is important as well so if you’re not sure what your golf partner’s uses then play it safe and stay away from buying them a golf bag.

Golf Balls

This is probably the most common of all bad golf gifts received. I received cheap golf balls for gifts 5 years in a row at my previous job. Whilst not as personal as a putter or a driver, golfers choose their golf balls wisely.

Every ball is unique and is designed for different golfing levels.

Golf balls sold at major retail chains for example in Australia such as Big W and K-Mart are of poor quality and designed for hackers.

Unless you know for certain the brand and model of golf balls your partner likes, give this one a big miss.

Golf Gloves

Not quite as risky as the other golf gifts but still an important one to get right. Golf gloves are made from different materials and astute golfers can tell the difference between good quality and poor quality golf gloves.

Cheaper gloves are mad of basic cotton and usually sold in stores like Big W and K-Mart.

The golfer in your life might get away with wearing one of these but due to the poor quality they won’t last long.

They are not simply worth wearing just to save a couple of dollars.

Brand and quality are very important with golf gloves so I’d advise to stay clear of these.

If you want to know the top golf gifts to never buy someone you've come to the right place. Learn what golf gifts to not buy and instead buy a memorable gift for your loved one.

What to Buy

Read my recent post here on the best golfing gifts to buy the loved one in your life.

It outlines the top 9 golfing gifts to buy and why they work so well.

These are the safest options you can choose to ensure you are getting the right gift for the golf lover in your life.

My Advice

Stay clear of these of golf gifts unless you are 100% certain this is what they are after.

Search through their golf bag and get to know what brands they use. Never underestimate the value of a brand … it means a lot to golfers!

Focus on these golf gifts and the golfer in your life will be forever in your heart.

What’s the worst golf gift you have ever received … I’m interested to know?


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