Adam Scott’s 5 Powerful Moves to the Perfect Golf Swing

the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing is within your reach

Are you forever changing your golf swing in an effort to lower your scores? Confused about what you need to change to start seeing a drop in your handicap? You may not be able to get the perfect golf swing like 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott, but you can steal some of his moves and get some fantastic results.

All the great swings on the professional tours have things in common that make them efficient and able to repeat over and over.

They might look different to the naked eye but they have more similarities than you think.

I built my own perfect golf swing by following the Perfect Golf Swing system.

It takes just 15 minutes to learn and is suitable for golfers of all levels including high handicappers who only play once a week or even a month.

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Your downswing is key

I’m not suggesting the backswing is not important, but what I am saying is a few minor deficiencies in your backswing can be overcome by a great downswing. Take a look at Jim Furyk’s golf swing. He has an unusual backswing with a figure 8 loop at the top.

But, he still manages to put the club in the perfect position in the downswing and play amazing golf shots.

The good thing is, if you can produce a sound backswing it’ll reduce the need for any compensations throughout the rest of your golf swing.

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Adam’s 5 key moves

In the video Adam gets himself into 5 great positions which guarantees he makes a perfect golf swing and solid contact with the golf ball every time.

These are the same positions that you’ll see every golf professional doing on the downswing.

So what are they?

  1. Left leg stacked on top of the lead shoulder.
  2. Right amount of forward shaft lean.
  3. Pulling from the lead side.
  4. Knuckles down at impact.
  5. Reducing the degree of your iron.

I’ll go into more detail below.

the perfect golf swing

Left leg stacked on top of shoulder

It’s also known as being in neutral joint alignment and it’s a vital position to get yourself in on the downswing. What is means is your left or lead side is stacked on top of each other which provides stability to the bottom part of the golf swing.

The upper body is not leaning back trying to scoop the ball and you’re not falling off balance on the front foot.

This is the bio-mechanical body friendly position you want to aim for to improve consistency and to prevent injury in your golf game.

When you are performing this correctly you should be aiming to draw a line right through the lead ankle, hip and shoulder.

See image above

A little bit of tilt away from the target is okay as long as the straight line through the lead side is maintained.

Have you got forward shaft lean?

To hit solid golf iron shots, forward shaft lean at impact is a must. With the driver it’s a bit different because you are hitting on less of a descending arc.

Ideally you want the shaft to be parallel to the ground when the hands have reached the rear thigh.

From there you’re in a great position to strike the golf ball and at impact your hands should have reached your lead thigh.

Pull from the lead side to guarantee your shaft lean

It can be easier said than done to achieve forward shaft lean for most golfers. The reason is most golfers are right side dominant (right hander) and they push hard from this side in the downswing which reduces lag and makes it difficult to get any forward shaft lean. Ensure you are pulling from your left or lead side in the downswing and feel like your right side does very little.

A great way to practice this is to train your left side independently by making golf swings holding the club in the left hand only.

Once you have mastered this hitting short shots, slowly bring the right hand back onto the club.

Knuckles facing down for compressed golf shots

On all solid golf iron shots the left or lead knuckle is pointing slighting down in the golf impact position. If this knuckle is pointing up it means you have scooped or flipped your wrists at impact in an effort to get the golf ball into the air.

Professional golfers like Adam Scott know that to hit those well compressed iron shots you need the lead knuckle pointing down so the clubface strikes the golf ball in a descending motion.

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Reducing the degree of your iron

In this example of Adam Scott he’s probably using a pitching wedge which has about 45° degrees of loft. This is degrees when the iron is sitting upright if you were to place the clubhead on the ground with the grip towards the sky.

Obviously, you are not going to hit very many good golf shots if you were maintain this angle of attack through the impact zone.

Your goal is to de-loft the clubhead to around 37° as Adam does, so you can strike the golf ball on the way down and achieve compression.

Ideally you want to be taking a fairly shallow divot of about the size of a 1 dollar bill.

Why this method works?

It’s important to understand your golf irons are designed a certain way and because of this they need to hit a certain way to produce the best results. Your irons are designed to be hit down and through the grass to achieve optimal performance.

That’s why there is a bounce on the bottom of every clubhead so that it “bounces” off the grass and the face pushes the golf ball into the air.

Golf irons are not designed to be hit in a “lifting” or “scooping” motion!

This vital information now has you 1 step ahead of 99% of the golfing population and closer to achieving the perfect golf swing.

Putting it all together

Whilst achieving the perfect golf swing like Adam Scott may seem impossible, you can copy his key downswing moves.

Remember to get your lead side stacked, get forward shaft lean, pull from the lead side, knuckles down and reduce the loft on your irons.

Do these right and you’ll have a great chance to achieve the perfect golf swing resulting in lower scores and more fun of the course.

Don't forget to do what I did and use the Perfect Golf Swing system and you'll start making fast progress in your golf game.


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