Why The Tiger Woods Affairs Didn’t Change My Opinion Of Him

Tiger Woods Affairs

The Tiger Woods affairs are history

It’s been just over 8 years since the news broke of the Tiger Woods affairs. It sparked worldwide attention and tarnished the reputation of one of golf’s greatest players. Tiger admitted to having sexual relations with countless women during the course of his 5 year marriage to Elin Nordegren.

My opinions may seem overdue, however, now that Tiger is back and playing great golf again I thought it was appropriate to add my two cents.

People still feel he let him them down and that he is an arrogant sportsman who shouldn’t command the attention that he gets.

Don’t get me wrong. What Tiger did was awful. I was disappointed when the news broke but not completely surprised.

He had kept such a squeaky clean image all of these years it was only a matter time before he slipped.

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Why it didn't bother me

I’ve always admired Tiger for his performance on the golf course. The way he plays the game, his mental strength, and his ability to hit the winning shot when the tournament is on the line. This is why I love to watch him play and will continue to do so.

I believe the only person that Tiger let down was his wife Elin, his immediate family, and perhaps close friends.

Those are the people he needed to apologise to and I understand he did this.

Tiger did not commit a crime or break the law. He did what thousands of men and women alike have been doing for a thousand years.

Yes this is not a good thing at all, but he is human and in this instance made a terrible mistake.

If you want to know more about the Tiger Woods affairs and my thoughts on them you've come to the right place. I share my insights on the Tiger Woods affairs and how or if at all it should bother anyone.

Tiger's Attitude

On the comments I read about being arrogant, perhaps there is an element of  truth. However, there has not been a successful sportsman alive that didn’t border on arrogance to get to the top of their game. This is the way Tiger plays his best golf, and if it means he puts on an angry face and intimidates his opponents then so be it.

As far as the amount of attention he commands, it’s hard to ignore it.

When you have a guy that everyone wants to watch and see do well it’s only natural that he commands media attention.

People want to know what’s happening with Tiger on and off the golf course.

Tiger has brought so many golfers to the game of golf and continues to do so with his style of play.

Tiger 2012

It seems in 2012 that the real Tiger Woods is slowly coming back to his best with three victories on tour this season.

The critics still bring up the fact that he hasn’t won a major since 2009, but those in the know believe Tiger is not far away from another major.

His biggest obstacle perhaps is the depth in professional golf at present.

Only time will tell whether he breaks through for major win number 15.

If the Tiger Woods affairs is the reason you stopped liking him perhaps you need to ask yourself why you enjoyed watching him play in the first place.

The answer should give many people a lot more clarity.  

Tell me your thoughts on Tiger Woods, I'm interested to read what you have to say?


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