How to make a superior golf pre-shot routine in just 5 simple steps right now

When you step onto the first tee of the golf course, your physical skills are what they are. How well you access your best skills, is largely down to the quality of your golf pre-shot routine. How you feel and what you focus on before and during every shot will have a big effect on your execution. In this article, we’re going to unpack the pre-shot routine in golf and determine the steps that you need to take to maximize your chances of a good outcome.

Lag in the Golf Swing: 4 Ways You Can Create Massive Lag & Launch Longer Golf Shots

Are you consistently one of the shortest hitters in your group every round of golf you play? Do you struggle to reach long par-4’s in two and need to use a lot of hybrids and 3-woods for your approach shots? If either of these sound like you then it’s likely you find it difficult to create sufficient lag in the golf swing and are desperate for that extra bit of power to help make the game easier. Well you’re not alone, most golfers I see struggle for distance and as a result find golf a lot more difficult than it needs to be. 

Shoulder Turn In Golf: 2 Secret Ways to Get a 90 Degree Turn Every Time

Do you struggle to get a full shoulder turn in golf and lack any sort of power off the tee? Maybe, you feel as though you don’t have the flexibility to turn your shoulders far enough like you used to 20 years ago? If either of these sound like you, most likely missing out on a lot of distance and consistency in your golf swing. The good news is this can easily be fixed by just understanding and implementing some simple drills that I’ll go through below.

8 Ways to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed Today & Shoot Low Scores

Increasing golf swing speed is a crucial part of any golfer’s skill. It’s only inevitable that most golfers would aim to gain more distance after grasping the basics of a swing. The greatest way to achieve so is to increase one’s swing speed with proper technique and not necessarily by swinging harder. While it is natural to lose flexibility and muscle mass as one ages, it is still possible to make the most of whatever you have left.

How to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed & Eliminate Your Power Leaks

Do you regularly find yourself hitting first off the fairway because your playing partners have all out-driven you again? Do you struggle to reach long par-4’s in two because your drives are not long enough? Are your drives barely reaching the 220-yard mark and you feel like you lack any sort of power in your golf swing? If any of these sound like you then there’s a good chance your golf swing has power leaks which are holding you back from hitting the golf ball longer.

How to Hit Solid Golf Shots & Gain Explosive Distance

Do you regularly hit your golf shots right off the toe that go nowhere with very little power? Maybe you hit the ground first first and the ball comes off fat and barely makes it half way to your intended target? If this sounds like you then you’re probably making one simple mistake that’s robbing you are timing, power and consistency you need to become a better golfer. The good news this can easily be fixed just by understanding what you are doing wrong and applying a simple drill.

Driver Play in Golf: How to Add 50-Yards to Your Drives

The tee shot in golf does more than position the ball for the second shot. A successful shot on the tee can boost a golfer’s confidence and psyche, while an errant shot can contrastingly lessen poise. Yourdriver play in golf can make or break your overall score. It’s important and it’s a fine line for a player. There’s no way around the fact that the tee shot is arguably the most significant shot on each hole. 

How to Hit the Golf Ball a Further 30 Metres & Impress Your Friends

Unless you are born with freakish talent there’s a good chance at some stage in your golfing life you have been trying to hit the golf ball further. Golfers are genetically wired to want more and more distance off the tee. Modern day giant killers off the tee such as Dustin Johnson and Adam Scott inspire and sometimes humiliate us with their monster drives down the fairways. The longer you are off the tee the easier the game generally is. Of course if you are spraying the golf ball left and right into trouble no amount of distance will ever save you.

Create More Power in the Golf Swing With 2 Key Moves

Do you struggle to generate any sort of power in the golf swing and regularly get out driven by your playing players? You always have to bring out your hybrid or 3-wood to reach par-4's? If this sounds like you then you are losing distance most likely due to some common power leaks that are robbing you of power on ever shot. Most amateur and beginner golfers at some stage struggle with generating any sort of power in the golf swing. 

How to Hit Longer Drives By Eliminating This Number 1 Mistake

Do you struggle to get any sort of distance off the tee and constantly get out-driven by your playing partners? There are literally thousands of videos and articles out there dedicated to helping how to hit longer drives in golf. Most of these focus on the technical aspects of the golf swing and how changing this or that can help your game. The technical part of the golf swing is important to generating more power.